主に、パズドラ日記・アプリレビュー・apple・ニコニコ動画・ゲーム・アニメ・ニュースな話題・いま話題のあれ!について書いてます!!ちなみに、zerogskyが好きなサイトは、appbankとまとめブログです!! 大阪在住なので大阪の話題も書いています!

English My name was delayed! ! ! zerogsky writer introduction! ! (日本語 申し遅れました!!!zerogskyライター紹介!!)

It is zerogsky of this site's launch Hello everybody

Today, you will be a description of the work environment and writer

Writer list (but is one)

(Which they claim they are also sorach100 and BuleSky) caretaker zerogsky

There may be a mistake because only translated by Google Translate


Work environment (using terminal)

Communication e mobile pocket Wi-Fi model LTE4G

PC Windows memory 4GB 7 equipped laptop purchase the end of 2013

This is not a very high-performance

Tablet  Amazon Kindle 15800 yen for the first generation price 16GB fire HD

Currently, it seems do not sell

such as 8 and 9 fire HDX also seems to


Apple iPhone6 64GB for au 

I do not know, such as HML

Office,,, and (www is from the house) , Osaka is a certain place.

You can send from this work environment well.

Profile of custodian zergsky

Name zerogsky


I am zerogsky which operates the Site zerogsky Hello

Thanks in advance.

Favorite game is Micra and Pazudora.

It is a favorite site's appbank

Thank you from the link under the application to use well

Mass! Caretaker zerogsky recommended! Add sequential application list! - Zerogsky

Pazudora article, click here

Preservation version! Zerogsky - Link to Pazudora diary each time

One note above 2, is an article of Japanese.

Favorite site appbank's caretaker, click here

Fun iPhone! AppBank

The appbank Wikipedia I was allowed to reprint from

AppBank is (up bank), AppBankGames AppBank Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, Ltd. M-frontier of collaboration company does iOS for application of review to send the article and review site is. Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Nishihas offices in. Mainly Japanese to the update of the articles, but the English version is also present. Editor in chief iTakahashikun in the second generation now.

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AppBank - Wikipedia


申し遅れました!!!zerogskyライター紹介!! - zerogsky


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